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About Us

Zohak Technology is a leading Internet Service Provider (ISP) with a wide range of solutions and packages to meet the requirements of clients in Afghanistan. Its registered head office is in the USA, regional office in UAE and its local office is in Kabul, Afghanistan. Zohak Technology is a well-known Afghan Internet Service provider which is a subsidiary of Zohak Holding Group. Our nationwide network and operations are managed by a highly professional and qualified team who possess over a decade of experience in various areas of ISP sector with numerous national and international organizations


Zohak Technology provides full sets of internet services to major institutions (both governmental and non-governmental), large commercial establishments, medium and small businesses. If you require stable, orderly and secured connectivity providing fiber optic, VSAT, Wireless Broadband and Wi-Fi network engineering ...


Experience our Wireless Internet services at your homes with our reliable Wireless services. Zohak Technology ISP Home Wireless services present you great Wireless Internet experience ...

What We Offer

Fiber optic internet connection

“Fiber-optic Internet” is one of the latest trends in the world of communications. Fiber Internet stems from Fiber optic communication ...

Point to point Internet Connection

Zohak Technology ISP provides Point-to-Point Internet service across Afghanistan. Point-to-Point Internet service is a wireless method ...

Microwave internet connection

Microwave Internet Service is a type of wireless high-speed Internet Service. Microwave Internet utilizes fixed wireless technology ...

VSAT internet connection

A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a data transmission technology used for many types of data management and in high-frequency trading ...

Data Connectivity Services

An outcome of a business depends upon its capability to collaborate and stay connected to its customers or business partners...

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